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9 Things That Mess Up Your Hormones!

Hormonal imbalance was once considered to be only a problem associated with menopausal women. However we are now seeing alarming signs of hormonal dysfunction caused by oestrogen dominance, even in children by the age of puberty, and most people today know someone with fertility issues.

In the news and media nowadays – we are finally seeing more and more evidence presented on the damaging effect of chemicals on the hormonal systems of the body. Take for instance the recent Washington University study finding that early menopause is linked with everyday chemical exposure.

Yes, hormonal disruption caused by chemicals – something we’ve been sharing about for years in the Savvy Team!

Add this evidence to that presented definitively by the World Health Organisation in the 2012 Report . . . and it’s becoming an important choice to shop for safer alternatives.

It is crucial to remember that when oestrogen is unopposed by adequate levels of progesterone, a hormone imbalance occurs causing many undesirable symptoms. Feeling unduly stressed out? Tired all the time? Depressed? Do you fly into a rage for no reason?

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Can You Become a Marketing Genius Like Apple?

Whatever you personally think about the the products Apple produces . . . the fact remains that they seem to ‘get it right’ a lot of the time! They create great products and services that redefine entire industries, and they seem to always be able to create a lot of marketing buzz and excitement!

What’s their secret . . . and how can YOU be a ‘marketing genius’ – just like Apple?

Have you ever wondered why only a very few people, and a tiny fraction of businesses, enterprises or projects ever seem to achieve such massive success? Why do some get a huge swell of public interest and support and develop into massive organizations or conglomerates and others, that may even have perhaps better or less expensive alternatives, just fall by the wayside, unrecognized and unheard of?

The WHY is the Key . . .

“WHY?” That’s the question to be asking … and it is the key to unlocking the amazing successes that champions, entrepreneurs and the wealthy achieve. If that sort of success has eluded you up to this point, then make sure you watch this 18 minute video for the answers, because the solution is so simple, most people miss it!