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Attract Success


For most people, attracting or achieving success is extremely difficult. The well known ‘secret’ to the law of attraction is: ‘You attract and bring into your life the things and objects you think about and focus on, most of the time‘. While it’s well-known, I call it a secret because most people don’t really understand how to change their thinking to attract the success they desire.

The way to control your feelings and the key to success, is simply: ‘think about things you already have and appreciate, be excited about the possibility of the things you WOULD LIKE to have, and ignore and do not think about things you do not want‘.

The question is: “Are you applying this idea to your life?” or do you just ‘know about all this’ and like the great mass of the population live a life of quiet desperation that attracts very little of what you really want? 

The Universe responds to the vibrations we send out, no matter what. Your indication of your current level of vibration is received by you as your feelings. These are true indicators of what you are thinking. So even if you are thinking about something you do not want with a strongly felt emotion, if it is your focus, the Universe will bring it to you.

We all need to get better at focusing our thoughts on the positive so as to attract the things we truly want into our lives. The key is, to observe and consciously control your emotions. The idea of creating a successful self-image is not new. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before.

But did you know that this one principle is  a KEY, that, if you really understand and applied it, will bring success to your front door, faster than you could imagine. That ‘key’ is commonly called ‘The Power of Positive Thinking‘ (Norman Vincent Peale), or ‘The Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind” (Joseph Murphy) or some similar phrase from any of the myriad of authors discussing the topic over the past hundred years.

Joseph Murphy contends that it is not the thing ” believed in” that brings an answer to man’s prayer; the answer to prayer results when the individual’s subconscious mind responds to the mental picture or “thought” in his mind … and he is speaking here about your ’emotional response’ to the pictures you create in your mind. What emotions do you feel, when you think about your goals?

Positive emotions and using the power of your mind gives you a control over your thinking, which directly influences your ability to create abundance. But it’s not all about upbeat thoughts and a rosey outlook. Success is the result of a mixture of thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that brews up the most amazing emotional power to magnetise whatever you want in life to you. Like attracts like – and like energy attracts like energy – and emotion is mankind’s most powerful forms of creative energy there is. If you would like more on this subject, and you are a Savvy Team member, go here.

You’ll be amazed how thinking positive thoughts positively improves your life. Think about it. When you feel good thinking positive thoughts, how do you think others will feel around you, when you’re feeling happy and satisfied? When you are positive and feel energetic and passionate you will find many doors of opportunity opening up for you. If you can focus all your energies in a positive light you will magnetise positive events, situations and people to you. the question you may be thinking is: “Yes … but, how do I cultivate this?”

Well, first off I recommend you purchase the above books and study them as seminal texts in the “art of positive thinking”. Secondly, surround yourself with people who support, respect, understand and appreciate you. Thirdly, print up and use a copy of my emotional chart to help you see what direction you are heading. Sometimes people think they are heading away from what they want because they feel out of viibrational alignment to it, when in fact their emotion IS vibrationally higher than their previous one.

All of us experience a variety of emotions and feelings in our lives. We can be very happy or very sad. Positive emotions like happy, grateful, appreciative, joyful and elated bring good things into your life while negative ones like sadness, fear, anger and depression bring negative things. When you have negative emotions you are sending negative vibrations out and will get things that you do not want in your life. Fear is the most powerful negative emotion. That is why, when you are afraid of something you give lots of energy to the object you fear. This great amount of energy draws a wide response, that activate the law of attraction even faster. The negative thing is attracted to you much more faster.

Another one of my favourite books that might help you understand this better is ‘Love Is Letting Go Of Fear‘ by Gerald Jampolsky. I have been giving this book away to my friends since the 1980’s, and it continues to be among the most widely read and best-loved classics on personal transformation. Both helpful and hopeful, this little gem of a guide offers twelve lessons to help us let go of the past and stay focused on the present as we step confidently toward the future.

Fear to Hope to Optimism to Confidence to Belief
The farther we get to the positive side of the emotional scale the more we will be able to get the things we want in a timely manner.
It is important to note that how you think about the things you want is as important as what you think about. Everything we focus on has a point of attraction that resonates. Consider your feelings about something important in your life – how you feel about that is what you are resonating emotionally. Your feelings send a signal out into the Universe.

Thinking positive thoughts definitely attracts success to you. The way you think and act has a big influence on the success you can attract (achieve) in life. Think about something that is frequently on your mind. Maybe it is money. Maybe your first thought is that you do not have the money you need or want. You see things you want to buy, but you then think to yourself of how you cannot afford them. Or maybe you think about how fun it would be to be able to buy it and how much you would enjoy the item? Whatever your dominant thoughts are about any topic, that is the result you get.

When you say “I will succeed“ … while feeling success at the core of your being, you will be successful. But if you focus on the “I am never successful” then you are going to continue to struggle. Can you imagine thinking to yourself “Change is difficult, it’s nearly impossible” and then actually trying to generate the change you desire. NO. It doesn’t work that way. Change your thoughts so they align to what you want in life.

If you want change … make sure your thoughts are focused on “Change is easy for me” or something similar.  You need to put a positive spin on everything you do because being positive magnetises success right to you. That’s the power of positive thinking. And that’s how a positive mindset attracts success … through the emotional vibration, the power of the energy of the thought.

So … go on … start being an Attractor! Attract the success you want, and start immediately!

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  1. For such a small article has so much more impact and content than what is written. If you can really get what is written in this article and put it totally into practise, then you will achieve whatever you wish. This is what successful people do. Brilliant article Linda. Cheers Gwen

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