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A Single Mum’s Solution To Freedom


My purpose is to help others develop clear strategies to achieve massive success while looking after the family and developing themselves as an entrepreneur. You know people don’t start out in life as an entrepreneur. Everyone needs a mentor, someone to take us in hand (and sometimes to hold our hand) and coach us to better versions of ourselves.

While monetary success is important to me, helping others achieve their own success and develop themselves personally through the Network Marketing industry is and always has been my passion (well at least for the last almost thirty years). I began my career in network marketing with five children under ten! What’s your excuse?

This is a truly free enterprise business, and it brings out the entrepreneur in you that you didn’t even know was there! I am a great example of someone whose confidence, abilities, skills and whose whole life has been drastically changed by the Network Marketing industry.

As someone who is personally committed to helping others push beyond their psychological glass ceilings to achieve the success, I wake up excited every day for the blessings I have personally experienced and for the continued ability to touch other people’s lives through this amazing medium of network marketing.  

I have experienced all the ups and downs of life as a single mum of five. I’m told I’m now someone who exudes confidence, passion, authenticity, and enthusiasm and I have been reccognised as a change agent impacting  other people’s lives. That wasn’t always the case, however now everything I do is geared to help those who apprentice to me, learn what they don’t know they don’t know. The home based business training we offer provides long term residual freedom and is a proven track record to success. If you are already a Savvy Team member, you can find out more about my home based business here.

Women’s home based business training has never been more needed, as more and more mothers are single parents like myself. When you are able to add the benefits of the home based business I offer to my lifelong fascination with health and healing, it creates an opportunity that cannot be bettered. The areas in which I work – in the industry of network marketing and the industry of wellness – are exactly what people are looking for.

With a natural flair in facilitating healing be it physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, I was truly blessed to be given this opportunity to work around my children, and I now find it easy to educate other women to do what I have done. By making a difference in the lives of others, they transform their own. Life just couldn’t get better.

For the work at home crowd like myself, work has never been more fun as more and more opportunities open up to connect with people with the new and emerging technologies. With the roller coaster ups and downs of this economy, more and more women are turning to the home based business industry to supplement or even replace their incomes. For many, this is not a choice. Women, whether single mums, or those with professional or corporate careers, are often searching for ways to generate more income from home, around their already busy lives. I know what that is like, as I built my current network marketing income around teenage children and two businesses.

Working at home appeals to just about everyone. Who doesn’t fantasize about calling their own shots and setting their own schedule? Who wouldn’t want to tell their boss to go jump in the lake? What could be better than doing all of these from the comfort of your own home? For those who are looking to work part-time, many agree that there is no better solution than getting started with network marketing. And some say all you need is a computer with internet access to get started. While this might be part of the truth, this is not all of the truth.

The problem comes in having enough time to learn the ropes of working from home with all of the other daily responsibilities of motherhood. Did you stop to ask more questions? Who will you network with? How will you structure your business? What will you send to your contacts? How often will you send ‘it’? How will you make money? How long will it be before you see a positive return on your time investment?

All of these questions are answered when you access the right women’s home based business training program. All of the technological advances in online communications and automation have made running a business from home easier than ever. It is the best single mum solution to start earning a part-time income from home … for a number of reasons.

  • First, it can be done in just a few hours a day.
  • Next, there is little to no equipment to buy since you most likely already have a PC.
  • Also, there are many opportunities that you can fit into your current daily schedule that you leverage your time.
  • In addition, there are many marketing techniques that you can use, or even get your kids to help out with in their spare time.
  • Finally, all you need is a little basic training to get your part-time, home based business off the ground. And in the Savvy Team that’s provided as a free online course, with free personal support and training. What more could you ask for!

The next question is on how and where to get the best marketing training. It is important to get the right training from a credible source. In the Savvy team you are being mentored by two of the top leaders in the company who work with some of the company’s best core experienced coaches at your service.

A good way to know if a leader, coach or mentor is credible is to ask them these questions:

  • Are you willing to show me what you do?
  • Do you have any proven results directly related to what you are teaching?
  • How many people have successfully completed this business program in the last year?
  • How many marketing methods do you use in your business?
  • Do you provide Question and Answer sessions for your mentees?
  • Are you willing to back up your training with a money back guarantee?

The sincere and honest answers from Savvy home based business coaches are able to answer all of these questions without flinching. Indeed, it’s hard to beat the money-back guarantee of ‘free’, all it will take is a little ‘sweat-equity’ on your part, with a small investment of time.

Thee best way to access the home based business training you need, is to ask for a referral to a Savvy Support Team member, and the person who sent you here is the one who cares about you the most. Anyone who is willing to work towards their goals, put in some part-time effort into doing what’s required working around whatever else they do would be a good candidate to benefit. There are opportunities for everyone, especially savvy entrepreneurs.

Whether you are looking for a home based business opportunity or additional training to restart in network marketing, be sure to maximize your skills by fine tuning them with a good home based business training program. Benefit from the Business Basics In Action program that the Savvy Team Leaders provide.

Our Savvy Team leaders provide quality, effective and proven home based business training that enables you to follow a self-paced ‘earn-as-you-learn’ program. Make sure you contact them if you can see that life has more to offer you than you are currently experiencing – or contact us at [email protected]

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