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7 Savvy Habits to Start this Spring! ✔️

‘Spring’ Into Some Healthy Habits.

Spring is a natural time of “out with the old and in with the new,”! ‘Spring Cleaning’ is not just for your home – it’s important for your body too. (Not to mention your thoughts and attitudes!) It’s a time of transition which makes it the perfect season to shake up your routine and start a new savvy habit or two… or 7!

If you’re looking for a program to help you do some ‘Bodily Spring Cleaning’ and to help you get back into a healthy routine that you can really stick with, then consider the Savvy Team’s DETOX Program. Just 30 Days following the ‘EAT SAVVY DIET‘ along with some targeted nutrition, can make the world of difference to how you feel (and how youthful you look too!)

You can register for the DETOX Masterclass and learn all about it, or touch base with your Savvy Team Wellness Guide for tips. We look forward to helping you regain that spark and put some ‘spring’ in your step. (Pun intended!)

Here are 7 Savvy Habits to Start this Spring!

1. Drink More Water

Keeping hydrated is a key step for health and well-being, but many people do not consume enough fluids each day. We don’t want to sound like a nagging parent or spouse, but water IS that important.

Around 60 percent of the body is made up of water! Drinking plenty of water is essential for your kidneys and other bodily functions. When dehydrated, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and wrinkling too!

Try starting the day with lemon juice and water.

Overnight your body does major clean up getting rid of toxins and repairing from the previous day’s living. So first thing in the morning, you want to flush all of that out. A cup of warm lemon water can really get you going in more ways than one!

Adding lemon to your water in the morning adds life with natural enzymes, minerals and vitamins – particularly vitamin C. It’s alkalising and helps the Detox Pathways too. Drinking something warm first thing is nurturing, calming and kind to your system allowing your body to wake up gradually and gently.

2. Get Your Greens

Spring is a time when everything tends to get much greener! It’s when everything is sprouting and blooming. If you suffer from allergies, this may be something you don’t look forward to, but tackling your allergies is for a discussion another time! (Please message us if that’s an issue for you personally, as we can help.) Spring is like nature’s ‘hint’ at what we need to do to thrive, and at the start of spring it’s clearly saying, “EAT GREEN” showing us all the fresh, bright vibrant greens as plant send out their new shoots.

Spring is a natural time of detoxification and renewal. If doing a detox and clearing out toxins in the body is important to you – download the Eat Savvy Diet, and aim to “EAT IN THE GREEN”, these are the most nutritious and least inflammatory foods you can choose, and will help you detox.

Eating more vegetables and some low fructose fruit, is a great way to enhance your body’s own natural detox process with whole foods. There’s no need to do an extreme sort of ‘detox juice cleanse’ or water fast to get detoxifying results. What you’ll want to do is ‘optimise’ your natural detoxification pathways and systems. Your body is constantly detoxing, however the problem is that you may have done some things that get in the way, over burden your detox pathways (eg the liver and gut) and hamper the process. By simply adding in more raw, whole foods, and easing up the burden on the detox pathways, you can really help your body use Spring as a natural time to clean up.

If you struggle with getting the green foods into your diet – consider supplementing with a Green Superfood Blend. Reach out to us or your Savvy Team Wellness guide for our recommendation and a discount code.

3. Get Outside

Take advantage of the improving weather and get outside! Go for a walk, play in the yard, sit on the deck. Just get out, take in some fresh air and enjoy it.

Oh, and get some safe sunlight exposure too! Stop hiding from the sun. (Obviously don’t get sunburnt!) Most people are Vitamin D deficient after Winter. ‘Safe’ Sunlight exposure can really help you to optimise your health and mood! Check out the D Minder app for help with safe levels of sunshine for your skin pigmentation type.

4. Sweat

Sweat is one of the main ways our bodies get rid of toxins. We release toxins when we sweat – literally sweating them out. Your skin is actually your body’s largest organ or elimination and one of the ‘7 Detox Pathways‘ we discuss in our Detox Program.

Exercise, Sauna, even a hot bath with epsom salts – are all ways to help you to ramp up the toxin eliminating benefits of sweating! The caveat here – when you sweat out toxins, you also sweat out trace minerals. So supplementing with trace minerals each day makes a huge difference to your energy and all round wellbeing. At a bare minimum, use some extra sea salt or himalayan salt, although this is not the same as liquid trace mineral supplementation.

5. Breathe

Breathing is another way toxins leave your body. The deeper you breathe, the more oxygen you’ll take in. This helps your body absorb nutrients more efficiently, increases white blood cell count, helps speed up cell turnover, and helps the lymphatic system (yep, another detox pathway!) Breathing deeper naturally leads to better detoxification of the body. Take deep breathes that move your belly and exhale fully. Do this especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, angry, frustrated, tired etc. This simple step could make a big difference.

6.Take Time Out

Taking even just 5 minutes to centre yourself, meditate, sit in nature etc – can be like hitting the reset button. It might also be praying, journaling, sitting with your eyes closed – find something that’s your own little ‘power charge’ that you can do when you need it.

Spring is a reminder to “stop and smell the flowers.” When you consciously slow down and take time out to relax and enjoy the company of others or even just youtself – it’s another way to hit that reset button. It recharges you and gives you renewed energy to continue with your day, perhaps at a more even, less frazzled pace.

Spring brings with it such a fun, care free energy. Everything just feels that much happier, lighter and more free. Think, what would a kid do? They’d run the flowers, roll down the hill, jump in the puddle – try more of that too!

7. Practise Gratitude & Appreciation

At some point in the day take a minute and think about (or even better, write down) a few things you are grateful for or appreciate about your life. Even if it’s just one thing, recognise and appreciate it. Focusing on gratitude can shift your entire mindset and even your whole body chemistry to make you healthier.

Try these 7 Savvy Habits . . . and let us know how you go!

LIMITED Time Offer: FREE ‘Spring into Wellness’ Session

If you’re looking for support and guidance in doing a Detox, shedding excess weight, or achieveing some other Spring wellness goal – Linda, our Lead Wellness Guide and Community Manager here in the Savvy Team – has opened up some time and is offereing FREE ‘Spring into Wellness’ Sessions, where she’ll help you ascertain the best way forward to achieveing your wellness goals.

You’ll leave this session with some concrete action steps that will help you take the guesswork out of how to improve your wellbeing.

Message us via Facebook Messenger, click “Get Started” if you haven’t chatted with us before and just ask us for the “Spring into Wellness” Session and we’ll be in touch to organise that free session with you.

Not really a ‘Facebook Person’? Then please touch base with us via our Contact Page.

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