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25 Ways You Can Look & Feel Years Younger

I was out for coffee with some friends the other day, and they were looking at Don Colbert, MD’s, ‘Seven Pillars of Health’ (2007). It’s great to see the medical fraternity catching up with some of these important issues – his USP is that he relates his 7 pillars to biblical principles, and with a background in Theology I just had to buy a copy to see what he had to say.

It was great to see his views are a reflection of ’25 Ways You Can Look & Feel Years Younger’ (first published in 2000), in which we share 25 important philosophies of health with readers. It suddenly occurred to me that we had not shared the contents of our book here, with you.

So while we cover them throughout this blog, because each has unique aspects to it that you need to know, you may not realise that you are able to purchase this book from us.

While we write on many health topics in the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Blog because there are so many issues on health affecting our children and ourselves, the following twenty five areas are the most important to be aware of. So educate yourself, by reading, researching and trying out what we suggest, so you too can live a long, healthy, happy life.

25 Ways You Can Look & Feel Years Younger

There are many steps you can take to stay well, or get better, and they are each as important to you as sunlight, water and soil are important to plant life. Does it make sense to see a wilting plant who is not getting any sunlight or water and think of another reason? When your body is ailing does it make sense to look to prescription drugs when you fail to take care of yourself in any of the twenty five crucial areas of your life?

These 25 ways will be listed in this post, but discussed throughout the other blog posts, as each deserves it’s own more in depth study. So you can click on the appropriate area to get more detailed information on them, as you desire. Some of them you may notice have more than one link.

  1. The Dangers of Exposure to Harmful Chemicalsmore
  2. The Need for Adequate Oxygen … more …
  3. Getting Plenty of Clean Green Energy … more …
  4. Enzymes Are Important For Longevity … more …
  5. Why Increase Your Trace Mineral Uptake … more …
  6. Load Yourself To The Eyeballs With Antioxidantsmore
  7. Put The good Bacteria In – Daily … more …
  8. Oil But Don’t Grease Your Body … more
  9. Keep The Pipes Clean … more …
  10. Protect Yourself From Parasites
  11. Win The Fight Against Memory Loss With Brain Boosting Nutrients
  12. Protect Your Liver and Live Longer … more
  13. Harmonise Your Hormones … women … men … children … more
  14. Your Youth In A Bottle
  15. Renew Your Fountain of Youth
  16. Using Transfer Factors For Immunity
  17. Ancient Chinese Secrets
  18. Have a Healthy Colon
  19. ReVitalize Your Cells
  20. Loose That Unwanted Fat
  21. Use Essential Oils For Health
  22. Improve Digestion with Aloe Vera … more …
  23. The Benefits of Hawaiian Noni
  24. Eliminate Stress With St Johns Wort
  25. RehydrateRelaxmore … Regenerate … Recreate
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