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12 Simple Steps For A Healthy Home Environment

You may be sick of being sick or your family being sick, perhaps you want to lose some weight, have more energy and feel younger, or you just want to maintain your health? More and more children have asthma, allergies, ADHD, digestive disorders, diabetes, even heart problems and cancer … and they don’t have to! More and more people have more and more chronic illnesses than ever before.

More and more people are looking to have a healthier home, so we wanted to bring 12 days steps to your attention. Manufacturers of products used in the various rooms around the home are often untruthful in their marketing claims. The Savvy Team  recommend a company that takes extra steps to make sure their ingredients are free of potentially worrisome ingredients.

Some companies produce products that claim to be “gentle” or “natural,” but since the government does not require any safety testing whats-so-ever, personal care product manufacturers can use almost any chemical they want, regardless of risks. Samuel Epstein once asked us, “Are you even aware that Australia has no regulations concerning the safety of ingredients in the products we use in the home?”

We were horrified that this was happening. Thankfully the media is bring this issue to the public attention – but even so, it’s hard to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’ so to speak. If you want to find the safest products on the planet – make sure you contact whoever sent you to this site. The Savvy team are there to support you in your wellness journey, and many doctor’s and researchers are now saying YOU CAN take control of your health!

Learn the information that can make the difference to you and your family.

Here are 12 Simple Steps For A Healthier Home Environment:

  1. Reduce direct exposure to chemicals absorbed through the skin by using safety-conscious products, causing gum, teeth and skin problems, stress. Chemical exposure has been linked to depression, immune dysfunction, obesity, learning difficulties, and many other common problems, according to EDC report by WHO.
  2. Do a detox occasionally, it starts with the skin, so be careful with sunscreenspamper your skin,
  3. Use safer products in the bathroom, bedroom, laundry and for cleaning the homeBrain Cancer in Children has also been linked to EDC exposure in utero. Could health conditions be linked to our home? The WHO have now verified this to be true.
  4. NEVER use ‘Normal’ Cosmetics – When you look at the research into cosmetics you can’t afford NOT to shop for safety-conscious ones! It even affects the next generations!
  5. Avoid automatic or ‘normal’ insect repellents – instead use natural, safe air fresheners or high quality aromatherapy oils (cheap oils have been contaminated with extraction processes.
  6. Get Better Containers – Use stainless steel, ceramic or glass cookware instead of non-stick types. Go Glass – Avoid storing foods in plastic where possible. Avoid plastic or aluminium wrap. This also goes for canned foods that often had a lining of BPA, like canned food!
  7. Drink clean water – drink water rather than other drinks, but use filtered water and avoid tap water with chlorine and fluoride
  8. Go Organic – Aim to eat organic, good quality, foods: including fresh, free range, grass fed meats and produce, as much as you can
  9. We’re often told to eat ‘oily fish’ for Omega 3 oils. Most are farmed and contaminated with PCBs, Mercury, dyes etc. Supplement with Krill Oil instead!
  10. Steer Clear of Packaged Food – Go for mostly raw, fresh, REAL foods and avoid pre-packaged foods. This includes so called ‘Health Foods’ in the supermarket aisles!
  11. Limit drugs – even prescription and over the counter medicines are sources of toxins. They can accumulate in the body over time, so do everything you can to minimise their use.
  12. Renovate GREEN – When re-doing your home, look for safer alternatives in paint, floor coverings. Even plastic shower curtains contain phthalates!


Please contact the person who sent you to this site, or email us at for more information or about specific products we recommend.

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