3 Power Ingredients to Relieve Aches, Pain & Joint Inflammation


Arthritis is often referred to as a single disease, however, it’s actually more of an ‘umbrella term’ for more than 100 medical conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, specifically joints where two or more bones meet.

Arthritis-related problems include pain, stiffness, inflammation, and damage to joint cartilage (the tissue that covers the ends of bones, enabling them to move against each another) and surrounding structures. This can result in joint weakness, instability, and deformities that can interfere with the most basic daily tasks.

Arthritis is the major cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia, with 3.85 million Australians affected at a cost to our economy of more than $23.9 billion each year in medical care and indirect costs such as loss of earnings and lost production.

There is a widely held belief that arthritis is simply a consequence of age, the pain of growing old. But it is not a natural part of ageing. In fact 2.4 million of all people suffering from the disease are of working age.

While there are about 100 forms of arthritis, the three most significant – osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout – account for more than 95 per cent of cases in Australia.

These 3 Power Ingredients can help relieve aches, pains, joint inflammation and the swelling associated with mild arthritis and osteoarthritis.

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12 Points On Trace-Minerals (And Why Your Body Needs Them Daily!)

Nearly 25 years ago, we had the great fortune to spend 3 years of apprenticeship-like learning alongside a very well credentialed and experienced practitioner, healer, and teacher. We often see much of the information he taught, now published on the internet . . . but few people had the fortunate experience of working with him as we did, and even having him stay in our homes and connect with our families. Over the course of our intensive study we were witness to lots of unusual experiences  – many that some would call ‘miracles’.

One of his key discoveries was that the body would always heal – when given the right “nutritional and emotional preparedness”.

Yes – his experience showed that you had to have enough essential nutrients present in the body for healing AND be ready for it emotionally.

Over his many decades of working with people, and uncovering what stopped their healing . . . he discovered that a lack of essential Trace-Minerals was one of the root causes. Trace-Mineral supplementation became the first step for everyone on their ‘road to recovery’.

This man was Sir John Whitman Ray.

In a perfect world, we would get all the minerals we need from the foods we eat. But unfortunately, our soils aren’t as healthy as they used to be and due to heavy food processing and poor diets in general, most people don’t get nearly enough of them. The result is widespread mineral deficiency and an epidemic of chronic disease.

What Are Minerals?

Rocks, metals, and soils all contain minerals, as does the water in the ocean. If you recall your chemistry classes, you’ll remember there are 103 known mineral varieties on the perodic table, and many of them fall into the important trace-mineral category and are recognized as playing a critical role in human health. These include minerals you’ve no doubt heard of such; as iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, molybdenum, iodine, chromium, potassium, selenium, sodium, chloride, sulfate, and boron. Our bodies require each and every one of these trace-minerals in proper balance to facilitate health and well-being.

Below is a compilation of Dr Ray’s thoughts on Trace-Minerals.

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MAITAKE MUSHROOM: The ‘Mighty Mushroom’ That Boosts Immunity, Kills Cancer & Reduces Diabetes.

MAITAKE MUSHROOM: The ‘Mighty Mushroom’ that Boosts Immunity, Kills Cancer & Reduces Diabetes.

If you’ve ever suffered from poor immunity, frequent colds, flu and other infections; you take ages to get over an illness or you’re worried about the prevalence of cancer, heart disease and diabetes in your family – then this is an important blog post for you to read and take action on!

Here’s why . . .

If you don’t do anything, it tends to get worse!

At a time in history when these diseases are affecting more and more people, it’s safe to say we all should be adding as many disease-fighting substances to our arsenal as possible.

Maitake is one of the most promising medicinal mushrooms

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5 Essential Oils to Help You Feel Calmer & Enjoy More Restful Sleep!

If you struggle with sleeplessness, insomnia or just find it hard to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day . . . then these 5 powerful essential oils are for you!

Here’s why . . .

There are many things that can be done to improve sleep and while most of these are common sense – life is very busy and we often don’t think about them. These 5 powerful essential oils can provide you with a simple remedy to relieve sleeplessness and insomnia . . . and help you drift off more easily and enjoy a more refreshing, rejuvenating night’s sleep!

[To simplify things for you – we use and recommend a professionally blended essential oil with all of these 5 ingredients. If you’d like to ‘give it a go’ – reach out to your Savvy Team contact or message us for a $10 discount.]

Essential oils are highly concentrated non-water soluble phytochemicals that are distilled from different parts of plants. They can be distilled from leaves, roots, flowers and other parts of plants and are very potent because of their concentration of phytochemicals.

Herbs and plants have been used for thousands of years and modern society has lost some of the wisdom of past generations and the ability to address illness with these natural solutions.

Essential oils have gained incredible popularity in recent years, but they are really an age-old remedy that has become popular again.

Here are 5 Powerful Essential Oils to Help You Enjoy a More Restful Sleep!

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RECIPE: Banana, Date & Walnut Loaf ~ Low-Carb, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free & ‘Savvy’!

“Can you Have Your Cake and ‘Eat Savvy’ Too?”

We say YES . . . when it’s low-carb, grain-free, dairy-free and filled with healthy fats and nutritious ingredients!

While eating cake or other ‘treats’ often is ‘Not Savvy’ – part of the ‘Eat Savvy’ approach is that it’s OK to include ‘sensible indulgences’. Little times of indulgence that still fit within the ‘Eat Savvy’ philosophy of having your diet be low in toxins and allergens while being high in nutrition and beneficial ingredients and nutrients. Plus, having an alternative to some ‘not savvy’ sweet treat can help you stay on track to your goals, while still seeming ‘normal’ to your friends and family. (Of course, keep in mind that ‘normal’ is now overweight or obese according to statistics – so it’s good to be somewhat ‘abnormal’ LOL)

Our ‘Eat Savvy Banana Loaf’ recipe, that we’re sure you’ll adore!

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