12 Ways To Win Through Personal Responsibility

By , January 5, 2015

What is personal responsibility?

It is taking conscious control of your responses to the events and circumstances in your life. You are responsible for yourself whether you like it or not. What you do with your life and what you have done already is up to you. “Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn once again to exercise his will – his personal responsibility.” Albert Einstein

The ancient Romans understood the concept of personal responsibility. It’s said that after a Roman arch was completed, the engineer who built it had to stand underneath it when the scaffolding was removed.

Like discipline, responsibility is one of those words you have probably heard so many times from authority figures that you’ve developed a bit of an allergy to it. Still, it’s one of the most important things to grow and to feel good about your life. Without it you will never develop the attributes of a leader. Continue reading '12 Ways To Win Through Personal Responsibility'»

Achieving Excellence

By , January 5, 2015

The question of what it takes to excel — to reach genius-level acumen at any chosen endeavour — has occupied psychologists for decades and philosophers for centuries. Groundbreaking research has pointed to “grit” as a better predictor of success than ‘IQ’, while leaders have admonished their people against the dangers of slipping into ‘autopilot’ in the quest for skill improvement.  Conscious competence means just that, if you want to improve results.

A new paper, by Brooke Macnamara, David Hambrick, and Frederick Oswald, offers a meta-analysis of existing literature on performance and practice, looking at 88 papers covering all the major realms where the practice-performance link has been studied. It finds that many have greatly overstated the importance of practice.

Practice, they found, on average explains just 12 percent of skill mastery and subsequent success. Instead, the factor identified as the main predictor of success is deliberate practice. Persistent training to which you give your full concentration rather than just your time, and usually and at best guided by a skilled expert, coach, or mentor. It’s a qualitative difference in how you pay attention, not a quantitative measure of clocking in the hours that creates mastery.

Mastery of any task has another component that exponentially increases results. Continue reading 'Achieving Excellence'»

Our Exclusive Offer For Hosting

By , December 16, 2014

Your Free Gift For Inviting Us To Your Home

In today’s world, many unavoidable factors contribute to the deterioration of the integrity of the skin – especially around the delicate eye area. Both men and women today refuse to accept the signs of ageing as inevitable. You’ll be pleased to know that now your search is over … read on and discover how you can benefit from decades of research!

This is your opportunity to obtain our most exclusive product, and to receive this fabulous serum valued at $132.00 – as a free gift – just for helping us let those you care about experience our incredible ranges of products.

This unique serum contains specific ingredients that help gently remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresher, more vibrant look. With the added benefit of cross-linked elastin, the visible signs of ageing will seem to disappear, and have your friends saying you must have just had botox! Your skin’s surface will look and feel smoother, tightened and toned.

This light and gentle formula is ideal for younger skin as it slows down the visible signs of premature ageing. It is also a powerful anti-ageing serum for the older women in your life, and with its safe formulation it quickly takes years off.

Make Money by Hosting Product Parties

By , December 13, 2014

Most items you use every day are now being sold to people around the globe in their home. From wine, jewellery, underwear, pet supplies, sex toys and even car care products. Even the Government is doing what it can to support the entrepreneur in their part-time, in-home endeavours, saying it is an effective way to build long-lasting customer relationships and grow a flexible, low-cost business to develop a part-time income.

Becoming a member of the Savvy Team gives you the opportunity to make several hundred dollars a pop, while you and your friends have some fun. As this Business and Direct Selling Industry Portal says: meeting with people while they are relaxing at home ‘allows you to avoid expensive overheads, reduce advertising costs and run your businesses flexibly’, and in your own time. The Savvy Team are a group of local entrepreneurs who provide free training and support to help you do just that – make money from home!  Continue reading 'Make Money by Hosting Product Parties'»

Book Your Complexion Rejuvenation Experience NOW!

By , December 8, 2014

Problem skin comes in the form of flaky patches, cracked skin, and in more severe cases, itchy red patches and they are sometimes very painful and can cause emotional loss of self-esteem. The ability of your skin to retain moisture, it’s elasticity, your skin tone and smoothness all have specific needs that need to be addressed. Our treatments give visible results often within days, and these benefits continue to increase over a period of up to 4 weeks (clinically tested).

The causes of most problem skin are totally within our control – some are from lack of nutrients, water or sleep, some from too much exposure to chemicals or the UV rays from the  sun, or even from staying too long in an air conditioned room. However, with some minimal extra effort we can alleviate many of the symptoms and can often even prevent them.

Contact Continue reading 'Book Your Complexion Rejuvenation Experience NOW!'»

9 Tips For Successful Team Players

By , November 30, 2014

Are there benefits from working within a team?

Wikipedia states that a 2003 survey (HOW-FAR) revealed that Americans think that being a team player was the most important factor in getting ahead in the workplace, and in the community. In brief, a team of people can achieve far more than the sum of the total of the individuals skills alone.

The primary benefit of teamwork is that it allows any group of people to achieve something that an individual working alone cannot. The total value created by teamwork depends on the overall effectiveness of the team effort. Working in a team can be rewarding, but at times it can be difficult and downright frustrating. If there are poor communicators on your team, you may often feel left in the dark, confused or misunderstood.

If the leader is not clear in their direction, is not consistently showing the way, is not modelling what’s required, and is not educating, clarifying, reminding, supporting and encouraging those who are not participating fully, then the whole project fails. People want to be part of a team, but their self-esteem often gets in the way of them playing full out.  Continue reading '9 Tips For Successful Team Players'»

The ‘LIST’

By , November 19, 2014

To search for things beyond our grasp is fantasy,

When that which lies within our reach we see

Has not yet been completed, yet holds the key,

To that which through right action ours will be.

The simplest things in life will make us free.

Prof. Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray, from ‘Logic In Sequence. Book 1: Laws of Perfection.’

There is a great need for people to bring order into their lives, at home, at work, in their relationships and their thinking. Yet it seems such an uncertain world out there. Chaos reigns supreme, so they say.

Do you ever feel, “It all looks so bleak. Why should I even bother to try to move forward in life or my career? Why should I try to improve my circumstances when I don’t think it will lead to anywhere? Why should I try anything in this crazy, uncertain, unpredictable and difficult environment?” Continue reading 'The ‘LIST’'»

Bovine Colostrum Is A Food, Not A Drug Or Medicine

By , October 28, 2014

When my grandson came down with an extended period of vomiting and diarrhoea, I thought I had better see what the latest news is on the issue. I found this article, provided by the South Australian Government, in their IMVS Newsletter 65 Autumn 2007. The article said that most causes of acute infectious gastroenteritis are viral.

It quoted a prospective case control study of paediatric diarrhoea from Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital showing that viral pathogens were detected in 71% of all infective diarrhoeal illnesses. It also said viral causes of diarrhoea infect nearly all children in the first few years of life.

What I was excited to read however, was that the main-stay of treatment is replacement of fluids and that while there are no specific antiviral agents available, a hyperimmune bovine colostrum has been shown to be an extremely useful prophylactic agent against rotavirus infection in children. How about that! Not new news for the Savvy team, but perhaps there are plenty of others, mums in particular, who are looking for simple solutions for their suffering child.

Bovine Colostrum is safe, non-toxic and can be consumed in any quantity without side-effects or drug interactions, and has been proven to be at least three times more effective than vaccination. Other articles we have written on the other benefits of colostrum are Colostrum And Macca: Natural Ingredients for Optimal Health; Immunity: What’s Your Back-Up Plan?; Tired of Being Sick And Tired? Avoid Allergies, Asthma And Sinus This Winter.

Continue reading 'Bovine Colostrum Is A Food, Not A Drug Or Medicine'»

Thoughts Become Things!

By , September 26, 2014

Thereare really only a handful of the most amazing books written early last century, that have become the foundation of so many self development programs and seminars today. We write about them every year, because we believe it is important information for you to understand and apply, if you want to live a life of luxury and ease.

Last year in an article for the Savvy Team we wrote The Savvy Science To A Successful Life, where we gave details information on the steps to take to easily and effortlessly manifest your desires. (if you are not a Savvy Team member, you will need to contact your Support Team member for details). Having just facilitated another Science of Getting Rich program, I am reminded just how easy life can be, if we know how to create from the right space.

We highly recommend you read The Science of Getting Rich, and Think And Grow Rich, as well as As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, if you really want to understand and apply this pictured quote – which Proctor has borrowed and used in his book, and that way you will be ready to make the most of next months two day seminar.

Contact us for more details of this, because you will learn:

“The Astonishingly Easy Secrets to Using What You Already Have To Achieve Anything You Want”

Continue reading 'Thoughts Become Things!'»

What Is Savvy Social Marketing?

By , September 20, 2014

To begin with, what exactly, is social marketing? In the Social Marketing Report, it’s defined as, “the application of commercial marketing techniques to social problems.” In reality it is an approach used to develop activities or information aimed at changing or maintaining people’s behaviour for the benefit of individuals and society as a whole.

Social marketing uses the benefits of doing social good to secure and maintain customer engagement. In social marketing the distinguishing feature is therefore its primary focus on social good, and it is not a secondary outcome. Social Marketing talks to the consumer, not about the product – the primary focus being on the consumer – on learning what people want and need rather than trying to persuade them to buy what we happen to be producing.

The focus on the “consumer” involves in-depth research and constant re-evaluation of every aspect of their needs, wants and don’t wants. In fact, research and evaluation together form the very cornerstone of the social marketing process.

Philip Kotler, an American marketing author, consultant, and Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University says, “Social marketing seeks to influence social behaviours not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society.” This concept of changing people’s behaviour is the basis of social marketing.  Continue reading 'What Is Savvy Social Marketing?'»

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